What is a Modern Workplace?

‘Modern Workplace’ is a term used to define organisations who recognise digital collaboration, technology and tools as the way of the future.

Modern Workplace is such a buzz word these days. But, at its essence, it separates businesses who’re seeking positive change, enabled by the benefits of our digital age, from those who’re keeping their heads in the sand.

Becoming a Modern Workplace isn’t a simple process and it isn’t about simply installing a chat tool for your team. It has to be driven from a deep desire and understanding within the business’ leaders – a desire to create a positive, collaborative, flexible culture suited to the modern worker and an understanding that digital technology and tools are enablers of productivity and efficiency.

What Do We do

A Modern Workplace transformation is not really about technology, it’s about the positive change this technology delivers to the people and processes it touches. At Modern Workplace Alliance, we understand this. Our combined expertise – across technology specialities, process and change management – enables us to guide business owners along the right path, so that real and meaningful change happens.

The Modern Workplace is derived from four key transformation areas:

  •  Getting the right tools in place for your people
  • Enabling them to work better together
  • Helping you make better decisions faster, using data
  • Streamlining and automating your process

These four key areas need to be centred around your organisation’s goals and a willingness to understand and embrace change.

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What’s important to your team? What drives them? Key drivers are likely to include the need to feel supported, the desire to do their job well and to have the flexibility to do it from any location. Give them the tools that engage, empower and connect.

Say goodbye to disparate systems and disconnected spreadsheets. Automatically capture customer information, orders and payment details. Schedule staff rosters with ease and track legal compliance, including overtimes and Award pay rates. What’s your biggest pain point?

Imagine your existing, high-value team, just more productive and better connected. Remote and office-based teams seamlessly collaborating on shared projects, sharing files and providing real-time support. Up-to-date customer, product or inventory information available from any device. It’s possible.

Leverage the power of advanced analytics to make the most out of this critical and growing asset – your data. More digital touch-points mean more information and a treasure-trove of possible insights. Tap into your unique competitive advantage.



Create a view of the current state of the workplace services you provide, aligned to the expectations of your organisation.


Develop a simple & clear way to communicate your desired future state to your stakeholders.


Learn from hundreds of other customers and projects to understand where pitfalls and roadblocks may occur.


Walk away with a clear roadmap of activity, with clear alignment to your organisation’s business objectives​.


Understand the time, effort and cost of making your vision of a Modern Workplace a reality​.

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