Living your vision: How to ensure a unified customer experience in your rapidly growing company

Your company vision, mission and values are not only important for the strategic direction of your company, they drive the way you do business and positively impact how your customers perceive you.

When your company experiences rapid growth, it’s a time of exciting change – new customers, new staff and new demands for process efficiencies to match the pace. But as you grow, so do the chances your company vision will dilute within your now larger team. Without careful planning, this could adversely affect your customers’ perceptions of your organisation and, in turn, your sales and profit margins.

Effectively integrating collaboration tools and technology into your company can abate the dilution of the company vision. It bridges the gap between how you want your staff to interact with customers, and how they actually do – ensuring a continuing connection between you, your team and your customers, even when you are no longer on the front line.

How your company message gets diluted

At MWA, we’ve seen it happen again and again – the organisation grows suddenly, new people are brought in to manage the increased workload and, rather than taking a step back to put the necessary processes in place to manage the internal growth, it’s all hands on deck to deliver the best experience for customers.

The new team tackles the challenge head on and the organisation continues to grow. But you’re all so busy delivering, no one stops to ensure the team are living the same company vision and speaking to customers in the same way.

“Dilution of the company message starts at employee #1, the way I communicate to employee #1 is very different to the way I communicate to customers directly,” says Nathan Belling, General Manager of MWA partner Insync Technology.

Proximity also plays a role, as Nathan explains,

“If you work in close proximity to staff then you can thrive from that energy, you hear how people talk to customers and staff members – this helps establish the right norms.”

“Once you start working with people interstate, that’s where you notice a real shift,” he says.

With the rise in flexible working, you may face this challenge not just with interstate team members, but within your close team too. Do you have some people working remotely? Managing work around other life priorities? They may be producing excellent work and driving the company forward, but are you sure they know where you want the company to head?

This is the challenge – aligning your whole team to live and breathe the company vision, mission and values when you can’t be beside them every day.

The answer? The right technology, and partner, to close the gap.

How to tell if your company is facing this challenge

You may have just grown rapidly, and things are moving along swimmingly – well done!

But chances are you’re reading this article because you’ve got a niggling sense something is up.

Here’s how to tell if your company vision isn’t flowing through to your new team:

  • Customer feedback – negative reviews of your team from more than one customer? This could indicate they aren’t managing customers the way you want them to be.
  • Repeat customer business – does one member of your team win more repeat business than others? Does one lose more customers than any other? Your shotgun team member may be on fire, but is the profitability of their work too low? Is your whole team aligned on what you offer and how you want them to sell it? Trends in repeat business can reveal mismatches between team members’ understandings and alignment with the company mission.
  • It’s Christmas party season – is everyone contributing to ideas for the party? Think about the enthusiasm and vibe around the discussion. Are people just agreeing with you? Or are they offering valuable, sometimes challenging, inputs? If your team are just agreeing with you, this could be a sign of apathy.

How to make sure your vision is understood by the whole team and goes on to reach the end customer as well

The solution is to find the right mix of team-based technology and an experienced external partner to help embed it within your company.

Team-based technology gives you the communication channels to deliver a consistent vision and set of values to your entire team, whether they’re based in your office, interstate or internationally.

Nathan, from Insync, talks through some of the ways they make it happen for their team:

“At Insync, we have monthly voluntary company meetings and because of our geographic nature, we use Microsoft Teams. If you can, you show up, if not, Teams gives us the capability to record the meeting so staff can watch it at another time. Two-way communication via Yammer is also very important to our business, as are staff surveys via tools like Microsoft Forms or Survey Monkey.”

So where do you start? Which team-based technology is the right fit for your company? This is where an external partner, like MWA, is invaluable. We listen to the challenges your company is facing and then draw on our experience to deliver the perfect solution. We then work with you and your teams to embed the tools to drive positive change.

What are some of the tools that can help?

You’re not limited to one application; often a mix of tools is required to meet the collaboration requirements of your company and ensure all team members are engaged.

One way to decide which tools will help you share your company vision is to map out your ‘loops’. The teams who work together regularly on core projects are the ‘inner loops’ and will need one way to communicate with each other and share files, such as Microsoft Teams. The ‘outer loop’ is the whole organisation, and you’ll need another tool to communicate with them, such as Yammer. The ‘outer loop’ is where you can have the biggest impact in driving home your company vision, mission and values.

These tools also help diagnose any cultural problems as you can easily see who’s engaged, who isn’t and what sets the most engaged employees apart.

Finding the perfect mix for your company is what we, at MWA, do best. Let us show you how to share your vision, engage your team and ensure your vision is being felt in a unified way by your customers.

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