Climbing for cancer research

Everybody’s life is touched by cancer at some point. 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 in Australia with 145,000 cases due to be diagnosed this year alone. Unfortunately, it’s likely that we all know a family member that has either been through it or going through it now, which is why the work that Mater Foundation do is so very important.

On a personal level, one of our alliance members has an Aunt that was recently diagnosed. She’s been receiving brilliant treatment at the Mater Cancer Centre in Brisbane and we are deeply grateful to the incredible staff there for their outstanding level of care.

On a professional level, we are currently working on a digital workplace project with them and so we are extra aware of just how great this organisation is.

So when we had the opportunity to take part in the Mater Foundation Climb for Cancer fundraiser on Sunday 9 June – we jumped at the chance! Well, we didn’t jump the whole way – that would have been bad for our collective knees.

If you don’t know what the Climb for Cancer is, it’s a fun but gruelling climbing event, up the epic 810 stairs from the base of Waterfront Place all the way to the top and the spectacular river views.

Climbers leave in 15-20 second intervals, either as individuals or in teams. It’s a brilliantly well-coordinated event that is a heap of fun.

The Climb for Cancer is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who is dismissive of 810 steps … has not had to climb them recently! But, on a serious note, facing cancer diagnosis and treatment is a much tougher challenge, as is being part of the many wonderful medical and support teams who care for cancer patients.

Fifteen minutes of heart pounding, leg wobbling, lung busting activity was well worth it to raise some much needed funds for this vital cause.

We raised a good amount of money on the day, but we’d love to tip the scales a little more. Donations are open until Friday 28 June. If you’d like to contribute something, just follow this link.

We’d be so thankful for anything you can spare, or if you are able to pass the link onto anyone you know who might like to support the Mater Foundation.


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