How We Do It

A true Modern Workplace transformation is complex, multi-faceted and, often, overwhelming. It takes time, but that’s OK – we are in it for the long term. We’ll start with the most pressing business challenge and this will determine the partner that will lead each engagement. But they won’t do it with blinkers on. Each project is executed in the context of the bigger vision and in consultation with other specialist partners that form part of the Modern Workplace solution.

Without more than a few hours of your team’s time, our Modern Workplace Accelerator delivers you a bespoke 12-month Modern Workplace Roadmap. Our alliance of specialist partners investigates your current state and sets your strategy, giving you the chance to gain some high-level clarity. We then create a vision for your success and an implementation roadmap for your organisation to follow. How does the Modern Workplace Accelerator work?


The risk for our vendor partners is also real. When digital transformation projects are poorly executed, their reputation also suffers. Our businesses were built on positive customer outcomes, we’re are united by values and work ethic, and together we cover all core Microsoft competencies.

The stakes are high in a digital transformation. Organisations need a partner that leads with business outcomes and has a proven track record. All 5 alliance partners have built their businesses on customer referrals and we always start and end with a business conversation.

A Modern Workplace transformation is not one project executed in isolation. We offer the breadth of technologies and process and people expertise to support technology adoption and realise the Modern Workplace vision.

When projects are executed against a blueprint and clear Modern Workplace vision, synergies happen. We help organisations save time, avoid unnecessary investments and extract more value, more quickly.

Benefits to working with mwa

Drive Innovation

We constantly challenge our customers to realise the full potential of the Modern Workplace environment

Scale With Ease

Leverage the breadth of our capabilities, the depth our experience and our national reach

Single Point of Contact

One partner leads each engagement, resulting in a seamless experience and a single point of responsibility

Minimise Time To Value

Work directly with experts, not juniors or project managers, get up and running faster, extract more value more quickly

Ensure Consistent Results

Expect the same exceptional experience regardless of who leads your project, we’re united in our values and work ethic

Maximise Solution Uptake

Its never just about the technology, we focus on driving business adoption

get your score!!

take our 10-minute modern workplace assessment!

One you have completed the assessment and told us who you are, you will receive:

  • A score out of 75, showing you where your organisation is on the Modern Workplace transformation journey
  • Your 3 priority areas to address first
  • Information about our 1 day Modern Workplace Accelerator